You will never be Jesus

Now that I know what commitment really means
I understand that our love will actually come in waves;
A steady ocean is just unreal.

Even if I see you every single day of the rest of my life
I understand that you are actually not going to love me all the time;
Even if you say you do.

That’s why people like Jesus so much.
Because he’s supposed to be loving us
Anytime anywhere no matter what.

Our attempt to see mother’s love as Jesus is also kind of funny.
Some mothers are Jesus, some are just not.

But you will never be Jesus.
And that’s OK.

Publicado por Leticia Sala

Hola soy Leticia y me cuesta mucho definirme. Quizás por eso me gusta escribir, para intentar definir cosas o para hablar de lo libre que es todo aquello que no se define.


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