We decide History from small details. The right to make ordinary choices -such as choosing our bathroom- is a clear example of it.

When did we forget that if we blur the lines created by language we will at last find Humanity? Gender boundaries ultimately disolve beautifully as an inevitable consequence – I believe in Humanity beyond the words that are supposed to define it.

If they don’t want to protect them, let’s be us who do. Fiercely and consistently.

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-25 a las 10.26.50.png

Picture by Camila Falquez

Publicado por Leticia Sala

Hola soy Leticia y me cuesta mucho definirme. Quizás por eso me gusta escribir, para intentar definir cosas o para hablar de lo libre que es todo aquello que no se define. leticiasalabufill@gmail.com


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